The new Inner Circle Photography!

Feb 24, 2020 | Anytime, Updates

In 2018, I launch a new website for Inner Circle Photography. I had gone through a long wait and rough time of getting the new design into my hands that after a year-long wait I was just so excited to launch I didn’t care if it was broken or didn’t have what I wanted. Now after all the distress from last year, I asked a colleague of mine, Amanda Freedman of Mixie Design Co. to take my site and make it into something I was proud of…..and she did just that. Amanda was amazing to work with. I love my new site. She took my original idea and made it so much better. Check it out!!

I love the new street cred feature!

I love that you have the option to sign up for a newsletter!

All the images are current and up to date! Gahhhh. I am just so happy.

Last year I was on a mild break from work because of personal reasons (I shared those a few posts back) and this season I am back and ready to work. I am taking on weddings and sessions. THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOU. I could use your help getting Inner Circle Photography out there. Referrals are a BIG part of my business and I appreciate every one of them.

Feeling happy and ready to ROCK 2020.

Much love, Miranda