I have known Casey for years and fell in love with Kyle when they started dating. Kyle and Casey just fit. I love watching them together and I was so honored when I got to be the one to capture their wedding day!!

They got married in their own residence in September. Kyle got ready in their home and Casey got a very cool Airbnb that was themed out in 70’s vibe.

Casey and Kyle got married in the Church on their grounds. They are caretakers of this amazing church.

A little Bridal Party FUN!

The way Kyle is looking at Casey **swoon**

What a fun wedding.  All of our friends were so excited to see them get married. I adore both of your families. I went back the next day to grab a few shots of Kyle alone and Casey hopped in for one in front of the rectory. I told them we would continue to recreate it!!

Case-face. My love. I am so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. HUGS!!!

Much love, Miranda