2020 The year of Strange Times…

I am not as busy as I usually am. **shocker** So I recently found myself going back to do some blog posts and I see some similarity to them all. They are all clients I have photographed before. I love this. I love that my past clients keep coming back to me, year after year season after season. You all have lots of blogs coming your way over the next month.

It saddens me that I can not link back to their past sessions like I used to. In my last website revamp I find that I lost them somewhere in the interwebs, they just are not attached to my website anymore. I feel like a part of me has been lost along with them. Adam says I can get them back but getting them back on my website will take time. He is so busy with work and his own life projects I do not blame him for not putting my lost blogs first. With all this said I have decided it will not keep me from blogging anymore. I was using it as an excuse, not the post new blogs. Strange I know. But here I am talking again. Writing again. One day it will happen…I will have them back and online again. Happy 2021 everyone.

Much love, Miranda