Kevin and Courtney :: MARRIED :: 2020

Jan 23, 2021 | Engagement - Wedding

Courtney and Kevin had been working overtime to get married. So much so that even after two wedding date moves they finally just said “WE ARE DOING IT.” Surrounded just their parents and siblings they said I DO on August 1st. They plan to renew their vows and have a reception in late 2021 in front of their extended family and friends.

Of course, it started raining during their ceremony…..we just had to laugh.

BUT the rain stopped once we got to Belle Isle.

We made a stop at the Detroit Yacht Club, where the reception will eventually take place, for some photos!

Kevin carried Courtney into their home for the small family gathering. A cake was cut and a speech was given. I left shortly after. Here is the funniest photo they took of me before I left. HA! They wouldn’t let me leave without a “claw.”

I can not wait to party with you two later this year!!

Much love, Miranda