MOMMY & ME 2022

I love my MOMMY & ME mini sessions! But this one is one that I love a little more because of the subjects. Meet Genna, one of my best friends, and my sweet goddaughter, Pearl. It is extra special because of who they are and how much I love their mother/daughter relationship. Genna is a wonderful mother, and I love the fact that I have been there to witness it all…the ups and downs of motherhood. Genna was worried about telling me she was pregnant because of all the issues Adam and I had had with trying to become parents…she says she sent me a nice text message to tell me, but my brain won’t let me remember it. All I remember is how excited I was for her and Nathan. From day one she told me I was in this with her and that has been very true so far! LOL. Their bond is excellent, and I hope it stays like that forever.

Genna & Pearl

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Much love, Miranda