About Inner Circle

Photography by Miranda Hopkins

What’s in a name? Your inner circle is your group of close, personal friends and family. It’s where the magic happens: Intimacy. Inside jokes. It’s also what I call my photography business.

I’m Miranda, and I want to be in your inner circle. As owner of Inner Circle Photography I have over 15 years of experience capturing life’s special moments from an up close and personal vantage point traditional photographers just can’t reach.

I’m not a traditional photographer and you’re not a traditional client. If the thought of allowing a blue-haired, belly laugher near your nuptials causes you to sweat through your Spanx, I understand. There are tons of traditional photographers who will be happy to pose you.

But if you’re down-to-earth, in love, and want to have fun capturing photos you will cherish forever, I’m your girl. I’ll treat you like family, and together we’ll make beautiful photographs featuring your Fun, Real, Love.

What I do
I’m a full-service photographer covering all of Michigan, especially the east side. I’m best known for weddings, but I also do newborns, engagements, and boudoir (not at the same time). I love what I do. Trust me, you’ll love it too.

About Miranda

Hi, I’m Miranda.
As owner of Inner Circle Photography, I’m all about three words:

Fun. Real. Love.

And Frizzle. I am also all about dressing up as the eccentric fourth grade teacher from The Magic School Bus and reading to kids during National Reading Month. Dressing up and reading is my way of giving back after a special teacher helped me develop a love for reading when I was in elementary school.

While I won’t photograph you in full Frizz regalia, I promise to bring boisterous laughter and a passion for capturing your unique story. My favorite moments to photograph are those little ones when you don’t think the camera is on you, but not in a creepy way.

My business is called Inner Circle Photography because I want to be in my clients’ inner circle, capturing those special moments that happen when people feel a genuine connection. You might say that hiring Inner Circle Photography is like joining my large Italian family (minus the overbearing need to know everything about your personal life). I like to send anniversary cards and host epic wine and cheese client appreciation parties. I’m like your cool aunt, only cooler.

When I’m not working I like reading, crafts, vlogging, and taking advantage of all that Metro Detroit has to offer with my husband Adam, and our sweet Boston Terrier, Eleanor.

Phone: 586.202.9185

Email: hello@innercirclephotography.com