Yes this wedding is from 2009 BUT Jeff just informed me I never blogged it…………..SO………………………………

I met Jeff in 2007 when we worked together.  Everyday he would have to come to my desk to drop his work off and I would ask him random questions and try to make him laugh.  When Jeff stopped working there later that fall and apparently I am the funniest person ever cause our friendship took off!  Jeff had mentioned his passion to get into photography more, so I offered to have him come second shoot for me on a few weddings. Lets just say that was the best idea EVER. In 2008 Jeff and his fiance’ Megan were engaged and they asked me to photograph their wedding…..I was BEYOND honored! With Jeff being one of my best guy friends I knew I had to do my best and bring my best second shooter…..ED!  Ed and I captured Jeff and Megan’s wedding day like it was the ROYAL WEDDING. Below is the proof…..enjoy! :]

The morning started at the Comstock Inn, Owosso.

Here is Megan, who is already stunning… gettin’ her make up on.

Once she was all done with hair and makeup, we headed to the Church……

A little pre-wedding prep!

Megan! You were a BEAUTIFUL bride!

Why hellllo FELLAS!

Oh and the ladies! AMAZING!

The ceremony was so sweet….yes I cried.  I love these two!!!!

After the ceremony is my favorite part………..GROUP PHOTOS!!!

It was a hot day and with Megan and Jeff being awesome, they scheduled a trip to get ICE CREAM for the whole bridal party!


on to the reception!

Happy ALMOST two years!  You two are amazing……love you both!!!

P.S. – Here Jeff! 😛

Much love, Miranda