“So where did you go to school to learn photography?”

I get this type of question often and it seems like such a surprise when I give my response.

 I didn’t go to school for photography.

I knew in high school I wanted to be a photographer. My counselor suggested I not attend college and just pursue my career. That seemed off to me; telling a student not to attend college but really for me, he was right. I was accepted to Wayne State University and Brooks Institute (of Photography) in California. After a lot of going back and forth, I decided to attend Wayne State and of course looking back… I should have just attended Macomb Community College and taken some business classes. Of course, we learn from our blunders and as it turned out, college just wasn’t for me.

As a joke, I like to say, I went to college long enough to get the hoodie that said I went there.


So there it is, my Wayne State hoodie.

2003/2004 was a hard year. Quitting college after only 1.5 semesters was hard. Moving out and then back in with my parents was hard. Losing my grandma was hard.

Moving in with Adam, February 2005 was easy. But I was down because of the loss of my grandmother and I stopped photographing. Poor Adam. I was miserable and felt lost. For my birthday, that August, Adam purchased photoshop books for me and helped me build my website. Then he basically handed me my camera to told me to go take pictures…….and I did!

Since then life has been photography, photography, photography and I am happy. Really happy.

College? Eh. Selftaugh? Maybe. Helptaught? Yes. So what does “helptaught” mean……to me it means: I have learned what I know of photography because of myself and the guidance of many. Whether it be from photography books, classes, workshops or long talks with my fellow peers. Everyone I have met has helped me become the photographer I am today. Do I know it all? Nope not even close. I am always learning and I love that. I have met people who have changed my life and I know I have touched many people with my gift of photography.

So this is the story of the hoodie and I am glad it lives on.

Much love, Miranda