My Review of the Winter Bridal Celebrations Palace Show

Jan 22, 2015 | Anytime, Personal, Updates

When starting my wedding business it was all word of mouth and a few years in I decided to try out a bridal show. In my search I found Brides To-Be and in 2007, reserved my first spot! This went on with me doing one show a year for a few years.

Here is my table change throughout the years…..


My ever changing style! Crazy looking back to see how my photography has grown!


I hadn’t done a bridal show in a few years and recently decided to do one at the Palace! I decided to put everything I had into that booth, as they say “go big or go home.” So I went big!

I had so many ideas and I am so happy I had Adam, Andrea, Carly and Amanda to help me out!


Adam and Derek were there supporting their photobooth. If you need one for your wedding or event check out The Detroit Photobooth Company! Ed also had a booth for his photography business!


So thankful for Suzie helping me design and print my Hello cards, that I handed out to anyone who stopped by my booth. That is my handwriting and hand drawn heart and inside they are signed by me! A cute little hello from me to them!


Carrie did an amazing job on all my flowers! She is the only florist I recommend! Fancy That Floral Design


Here are the rest of my booth details!


Thank you to Kelly for helping me pick out my super adorable mints and pens as extra handouts!


Thank you to Jill, for the extra books and Melissa for letting me use your dolly!


Lesa, thanks for letting me borrow your friends stamps!


The day was a mess of emotions and I am so happy I had Andrea, Carly and Amanda there to help! I am glad I could take a few minutes that day to just stop, look around and breath it all in. I know it was hard not only for me, but the brides, because of the crowded show. I like to be able to really talk to people….try to be genuine and at one point I just had to stop talking, tell them to check out my booth and if they had questions to just ask me. This way they weren’t overwhelmed with a spiel or things they didn’t want to hear!

I met some amazing brides to be and even welcome one to the Inner Circle Family the day of the show. I am beyond blessed to have people see my work and understand me. My 2015 is almost booked and it will be an amazing year!!

I am beyond thankful to all of my past brides and grooms for letting me show you all off! If not a printed picture know you were in my slide show! You all make what I do possible and I just can  not thank you enough for having faith and trust in me to capture your wedding day.

In the end, I am happy I chose to do the Winter Bridal Celebrations Palace Show. It was a little too crowded at times but the people who stuck around and actually made a connection was all worth it.

Much love, Miranda