The Wine and Cheese Party V – Hats: Things You Put On Your Head!

May 19, 2015 | Personal

Year FIVE of The Wine and Cheese Party is officially done!!!

This year was bittersweet seeing it is the last party in this house!  That’s right we will be moving this year!!! Crazy to think I had to beggggggg Adam to let me host a crazy even bigger than usual “Miranda Style” party! So happy he caved….for the last five years! Ha.

The party was WAY early because this year is packed will all sorts of amazingness for both Kristin and I.

This years theme was Hats: Things you put on your head.


I am pretty sure we had over 110 people at the party….all of the wine glasses are gone!


We went with the usual color and details to make this year easier! The weather called for rain we had to put the tents up!


Huge thanks to Marv & Tina for all of your amazing HATS!!!


Best part of having the party in May……Lilacs!!!


This amazing balloon creation is thanks to Stephanie!!!!!!


Poor Adam, he was so sick with a sinus head cold issue. Still as handsome as ever!


Tina found me this amazing vintage dress at an estate sale and I finally got to wear it!  My hat was a dollhouse try with wine and cheese on it!!! Sara Landis Style went to town on my hair for the party!! So many people freaked and thought I cut it!!!  One day!!


The Detroit Photo Booth was in action at the party! The hat backdrop was created by Marc!


The BAR before all the MESS!!!


Big thanks to Amanda and Ed for snapping pictures throughout the night for me!


Roughly 80 empty bottles and 22 unopened bottles!


Even though the weather called for rain I was so happy that it held off and we had a beautiful night!!!


This year was extra EPIC because Sean decided to propose to Sherrie at the party!!!!!!!!  Sean and I came up with an idea for Sherrie to win a special prize and he would then give her the MOST BEAUTIFUL PRIZE EVER!!!


Thank you again Ed for capturing this moment!!

We had two winners again for 50/50…they each took home $100!!!!!


Kristin gave a beautiful toast in honor of Adam’s grandma Dianne.

Best Overall Hat: Brown Paper Bag Tiger’s Baseball Hat – Julia

Most Original: Mommy Hat – Melanie

M&K’s Favorite Hat: Wine and Cheese – Bob & Christina

M&K’s Favorite Cheese: Blue Cheese – Nicole


I had the best time. A few times during the night in all the chaos I took a few moments to really take it all in.

I am so unbelievably blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Thank you all.


Here is a little thank you I posted on my FB Sunday night.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can not believe we have been doing this party for FIVE years! Seems just like yesterday Kristin and I were talking about our birthdays and how we wanted to have a wine and cheese party for them….here we are years later and it is SO much more than I had ever expected.
Mother Nature…..thank you for not raining.
Kristin….I love you so much! Thanks for taking on so much more this year and not even batting an eye at my crazy ideas. What will year SIX bring??!
Adam….being sick didn’t hold you back and I love you so much more for that!!.
Marc….thanks for the amazing HAT backdrop stand!
Stephanie…..OH MY! I came to you with a silly idea and you rocked it! People loved the balloon creation as did I! Thank you Amber for helping with it too!
Dom….thank you for fixing the tree lights!! You helped make the night time magical!
Tina & Marv…..thanks for all the random help….and all your fun HATS!!
Candy & Sara….thanks for all the little things you do that really add up! Seriously. You have saved me many times.
Amanda & Ed….your photography skills and helping me!
Evis…..thanks for offering to do a video of the party!!!! WOOT!
Dreea……thank you for your help with my projects!!!
Derek & Adam….you amazing photobooth!
Sara….thank for styling my hair!
Tina….for my estate sale dress!!!!
Beanie & My Parents……thanks for handling 50/50!!
Eva……thank you for all the hard work in the kitchen!!!
To anyone who brought appetizers or desserts THANK YOU! Especially my aunties!
A BIG thank you to ALL for showing up in your best hats!!!!!
Thank you all for participating in 50/50 and your donations!
Sean…..thank you for letting me be apart of your engagement. We were honored. YAY for Sherrie and Sean!!!!
Mel….as usual thank you for cleaning my house to make it look SO good!
I love all of you who stayed for pajama jam and breakfast this morning.
Of course I had to be gone all day just getting home to find the dishes done and the house cleaned up……I LOVE YOU!
A blog post and the photobooth pictures will be posted this week.
I feel like I missed a bunch of people…..but know I appreciated YOU!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am one lucky lady to have as many friends and family. Your love is overwhelming. Here is to year SIX. A new home a new beginning.
Until next year………………….MUCH LOVE. – Miranda

PS. It took me until right now to realize I had giraffes on my dress!! OH man! Tina I love it even more now.


Next year is a new beginning.  Year six. Theme TBD.

one :: two :: three :: four

Much love, Miranda