be open. be the connection that someone needs.

be me.

these words run through my head every day.

I try to be the real-est me I can possibly be all the time. True and authentic. Somedays are hard days where other emotions break in and take over.

Jealousy. Anger. Sadness. Stress. Poor self esteem. Nervousness. Fear.

Things that everyone feels….even if I try to live my little life happily other feeeellllings come into play. Shocker I know.

With every year comes the word NEW. A chance to make a change. The time to add a new chapter in your book of life. Every year I try to pick one word that will help me define what the year ahead of me will be.

2015 was the year of TIME. I wanted to try to focus on where I was spending most of my time and to see if it bettered my life or not. Always trying to remind myself that minutes are fleeting and to focus on the good.

The first thing I did was get a new tattoo….which may seem strange but it is something I had been wanting and of course kept putting off!

The tattoo is the first few words of a poem my grandma use to tell me all the time. The original author is unknown and my grandma took it and made it her own, I just always remember her talking to me about life after each time she would say it to me.

Miranda Grandmother Writing

The best part was that I kept it to myself. If you saw it, you knew about it. I didn’t have to go out and tell anyone about it. It wasn’t for anyone. It was for me. It was and is the perfect simple reminder for what 2015 was all about – TIME. Plus I got it done in her handwriting so now I will always have a little piece of her with me.

I knew I wanted to spend more time with Adam, my family and friends.

I knew I wanted to connect more with my clients.

I knew I wanted to travel and have a bunch of crazy random adventures!

And I feel like I did all of that! What A WIN 2015 was for me!

Adam and I spent the better part of 2015 getting tests and having different procedures done in hopes of growing our family. Alas it was a rough and very disappointing year…just like the last four years in that department. I had a bunch of emotional days and those didn’t play well into my year of TIME… with that said……..

2016 is the year of ME.  Things I have been putting off and saying I am too busy for or any other list of excuses I use I am going to stop using. I want to just do it, I want to do it all. Why because I can. Why because I want to. Why because I need to.

For way too long I have been putting other things in front of my needs/wants.

I just want to be ME and have FUN! Because if I am not me how will I be able to be fully present for all of the pieces of life that make ‘me’.


The first thing I have been saying for years and that I have been wanting to do again was craft!  Scrapbook to be exact. So I did it. I mean I am still doing it! A few weeks ago I was finally able to attend Cropping Daze after FIVE years of not scrapbooking! Crazy!


Also I started decorating my planner! Who knew there was a whole world out there dedicated to PLANNING!??! Facebook and Instagram groups!??! Youtube “plan with me” videos!?!? Oh the JOY!

I want to thank my clients more. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I want them to know I need them and I am thankful for them.  So I launch my new referral program!!!  For years I have been saying my goal is 20 weddings a year…..I haven’t been able to make it and I know that with your help I can!!! So please share my name! Get the good word out about Inner Circle!!!

I have been wanting to “vlog” for a while now but something was always holding me back. Fear being the biggest factor. But I have been doing it!!! I am starting with daily snaps from snapchat and turning them into a weekly or twice a week vlog on youtube!!!  So far it has been fun! I hope to keep it up and possibly share other things on the channel! Make sure you subscribe to the channel! :]

I have a list other things I would like to focus on this year but for now those are the main things.

This year I want to be ME. I want to be more genuine than ever. I want to connect so when a friends asks how am I or what have I been up to, I do not want to just answer “oh, busy.” I want to talk and tell them about my life and I want to hear about theirs.

So what is your year going to be about?

Much love, Miranda