Say WHAT!!?!?!?  Jeff and Megan are expecting again!!!   WOO!


Here is a quick photo from their session last fall – I couldn’t post until they announced!


I didn’t even know they were expecting until I showed up at their house for the session! I am SO excited for them!


Alright here is this weekends session with the Simms Family!!!

Simms16FamilySESS001 Simms16FamilySESS026 Simms16FamilySESS019

Benjamin is SUPER excited to be a big brother!

Simms16FamilySESS016 Simms16FamilySESS055 Simms16FamilySESS061 Simms16FamilySESS052


Simms16FamilySESS045 Simms16FamilySESS041 Simms16FamilySESS013 Simms16FamilySESS054 Simms16FamilySESS029 Simms16FamilySESS037

Poor Benjamin! He wasn’t having a good day so I find it best to just let the child do what they want to do and where they want to go.  He loves trucks so Eastern Market was a great place to be! Megan was such a trouper with the COLD weather! We weren’t expecting it to be so cold! I have known Jeff for years and it is so great seeing him as a father!!!   Excited to meet the newest SIMMS baby in a few weeks!

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Much love, Miranda