Wine and Cheese VI :: PROM

May 25, 2016 | Personal

I don’t know where to start. Saturday was amazing. Seriously my favorite W&C yet. So overwhelmed. Every time I thought about this year’s party I just smiled….and I still am.

It was great seeing so many of my clients, family and friends all together.

I tried to give a bunch of thank you shout outs at the party…..but you were all so excited for the 50/50 I skipped over most of them.

Since we are on the subject of 50/50……total was $636!!!!! WHAT!??!!? Two people walked away with $159 EACH! Crazy! The house “50” went to Eva, in the kitchen and Mel who cleaned the house before and AFTER the party! We had some money left over so it went to the White Castle crave cases after midnight!! PS. You are all hungry hungry hippos. :p

The prom committee fund raised $72 and since Amber and Megan did all this hard work for free I am gifting it to them plus a little something special! Please if you can check out their page at Your Other Sister Events. They were amazing and did everything and anything I asked of them. They brought great ideas to the table and I couldn’t have been happier.  Let’s hope that for next year when they charge me…..I can afford them! They were a HUGE help. I could go on and on!

Adam you deserve a standing ovation. You worked your A$$ off to get the house into party ready mode.  {Also why did we think it was a good idea to have house work done weeks before the party!!?!?!?} Most of all thank you once again for welcoming my “Miranda Style Party” every year and never telling me NO.

Stephanie thank you for another beautiful balloon display!! You and Amber did an amazing job. Thank you for taking the time to do it!!! People loooovvvved it and it made the photobooth pictures perfectly prom like.

Ed….thank you for coming early to do detail photos!!! I didn’t even touch my camera all night!

Uncle Vince….Thank you for all your hard work around the house! My beadboard and floors look amaazing!

Sarah…thanks for making my hair perfectly curled.

David @ Thirty Florist….thank you SO much for the greenery on the long table!! It was PERFECT!!

Eva….you rocked the kitchen! I hope you heard everyone cheering for you!!

Mel…thanks for making my house look GOOD!

Bill….you rocked the outside clean up!! Thank you!!

Detroit Photobooth Company….kudos again for a great product! 

Here is the link:

To anyone who donated anything prom room theme prop wise thank you!

To anyone who brought appetizers or a dessert THANK YOU!

Kristin I missed having you as my right hand woman but thank you for coming! Glad you got to enjoy a fun night out!!! I know I did!

To our PROM KING and QUEEN – CONGRATULATIONS – well deserved!

I feel like I missed a bunch of people…..but know I appreciated YOU!! Thank you. I am one lucky lady to have this many friends and family in my life. Your love is overwhelming.

Each year I try to make it better and better…..thank you all for your continued support and love. This party wouldn’t even exist with out Inner Circle Photography and all of my amazing Inner Circle Family.

If you missed this year….you will not want to miss next year.

{Also if you know anyone vendor wise that would love to be a W&C Party sponsor send them my way!!!}

And now for the pictures!!!


{all photos taken by Ed}


Night Under The Stars Themed Prom




Casino Royale Themed Prom


Under The Sea Themed Prom




Now that was a fun party.  Thank you again to Adam, Megan and Amber…….you helped make this year’s party quite unforgettable!

Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for behind the scenes party prep and the party day video!!!!!

Much love, Miranda