Doughnuts for you!!

Sep 19, 2018 | Updates

Doughnuts, doughnut everybody go nuts!

Do you spell it doughnut or donut?? They are both right!! So you WIN!

I could talk about doughnuts everyday….I mean sometimes I do mention them at least once a day.  When I have a bad day my thoughts immediately go towards doughnuts. They always make things better. Do they for you too?  I mean I have formed friendships because of doughnuts. And because I love them so much I am offering a giveaway to you! Yep – this week’s giveaway is a $30 gift card to The Donut Bar. Simply tag a friend on the IG or on FB reshare of my site!! (make sure the posts are public so I can see them) You have until September 25th to enter. The winner will be announced on facebook on September 26th and that is when the last “new website” giveaway will be announced too! YAY!

This is me thinking about doughnuts!

Congrats to Amanda Pisarski for winning the $50 gift card to Starbucks!! WOO!

Much love,



Thanks to Amanda for photographing me eating all the doughnuts!! SO GOOD.