Justin and Heather :: November 2nd, 2019

Heather and I grew up as neighbors and we became best friends very quickly. From family spaghetti nights and fried baloney snacks to Barbi dollhouse fights. We spent most of our childhood together. Then entered middle and high school. I was older than Heather and our friend groups changed as we got older. We slowly drifted apart but we always knew that we were friends. When Justin and her become engaged she knew right away she wanted me to photograph their wedding. I was so honored.

Justin, you are one lucky man to have Heather in your life and to be able to call her your wife is such a blessing. Heather is a wonderful person and to see you as a bride was so touching….you were glowing.

Trying to make a blog post of your wedding day images has taken me so many hours….trying to narrow it down to under 100 images was hard but I made it to 99!! Here are some of my favorite moments.

I wish you both all the happiness. You will always be my friend. Thank you for letting me capture your wedding day.

Much love, Miranda