A note about Samson

Apr 14, 2020 | Personal

Samson Hopkins 2008-2020

On October 28th, 2008 Your Aunt Dani and I drove to Ohio to pick you up. It was our first time having Sonic on that car ride to get you and we were so excited. You laid by Dani’s feet and slept as we ate Taco Bell. We gushed over you and I vowed to love you forever that day. You gave me 11 years of memories. You helped me through some rough times. You celebrated with me in the good times. You lived in our SCS house, Royal Oak house, Warren house and Clinton Township house. You loved Seinfeld the cat, your first fur-friend. Your best fur-friend Feta the Dog will miss you dearly. You loved visiting your Grandparents; Hopkins, Williams, and Crownover. You made memories camping with us. I will miss you coming in my office for attention or laying at my feet. I will miss you flipping your food bowl to let us know you were hungry. Your face licks I will miss the most. I regret telling you to please stop so many times. Sam, Samsonite, Sammy-samkins, my lover boy. (Your father hated that one but it made me laugh.) We loved you so much we got cousin Chris and Amy obsessed so they got your brother a year later, Gus Gus. Yesterday you got to say goodbye to him along with your favorite people. Even with Covid19, they could still tell you they loved you via FaceTime or FB messenger.
Also while Sam and I were having a heart to heart he told me he was sorry for anyone he ever nipped at through the years.
My little one. I love you so much. My heart hurts.
Our last family photo this morning. My little man. I just want my dog back.
Much love, Your Mom