Best Friends and Watermelon

Jul 28, 2020 | Personal


J – Jessica

A – Andrea

M – Miranda

These are some of my very best friends. I adore them. Yes, our friendship has its own name. JAM and when we add Stephie in we call ourselves JAMS. The idea for the shoot all started when Andrea and I got the same patterned dresses from LuLaRoe a few years ago. I told her we should have a photoshoot if we could find Jessica something in the same pattern. Wellllllll, Andrea found some leggings! If you are a long time blog reader you will know that 2019 was a hellish year for me. I needed something HAPPY and FUN. One of my other best friends, Amanda is a talented photographer so we asked her if she would photograph us. July 25, 2019, was the day! We met up at Metro Beach and set up our Watermelon picnic.

My good friend Bev of Ellie’s Custom Treats made us some watermelon cookies.


I may have been a little “extra” and went all out watermelon props. HA!  Blanket, umbrellas, plates, cups, matching necklaces, basket (thank you to Liz, a client for the basket!), cookies….all the things watermelon. Thank you Amanda for making our dreams come true. A best friend photoshoot yes, please.

Andrea and Jessica….I love you.

Much love, Miranda