Ryan and Lindsey ENGAGED! Belle Isle Detroit Engagement

Feb 14, 2013 | Engagement - Wedding

Owning your own business means putting yourself out there and having the guts to ask questions. I am a pretty outspoken person but sometimes I shy away! But then there are moments where I stick my neck out and it pays off.

Working at as Santa’s photographer this Christmas season was fun and I met a lot of people. Every now and then while shooting I would get the courage to hand out my business cards and this time it paid off! Ryan and Lindsey walked up on stage with their fun Santa props and as I photographed them I asked them if they were newly engaged. Lindsey said yes and I asked if they had a wedding photographer yet, much to my surprise she said, “No.” I handed her one of my cards and off they went. Fast forward to January when I got an email from them asking about my photography services! Earlier this week we ventured to Belle Isle for some fun winter engagement pictures!

Lindsey and Ryan welcome to the Inner Circle Family!

Much love, Miranda