Valentine’s Day Brunch

Feb 18, 2013 | Personal

Some people ask me where I get my creative side from and honestly, I know I get it from my Mom and my Dad. Throughout my life, I have seen them take on project after project that call for a creative eye.

I know that some people dislike Valentine’s Day, calling it a “Hallmark Holiday.” This may be true but as a wedding photographer, I call it another day to tell someone you love them. Valentine’s Day has always left me with sweet memories. My father cutting my PB&J into hearts or leaving me a special treat to make sure I knew he loved me. I can remember in elementary school my mom threw me a Valentine’s Day party, allowing me to invite a few friends over. I want to say this is where my love of hosting parties came from. I wish I had photos of that party to make what I remember clearer…but I will just have to rely on my memory.  My favorite thing she did at that party was make Jello Champagne Flutes and in the middle was a candy heart. As a child I thought “WOW, how cool!” and as an adult I think, “WOW, what a great thing my mom did for me!”   (thanks MOM)

For the past few years I have been wanting to host a Valentine’s Day Brunch, but never had the chance. Thanks to the internet and blogging, I found MegaBite, a food blogger who has documented her V-Day Brunch through the years. This year I decided to just do it, so into planning mode I went!

Some party prep-photos:

{Yes, those are little heart potatoes….it took me a few hours….and yes, I should have made more}

As you know I decorate my house for every holiday so I knew I wanted to have the brunch in the living room (most decor and most natural light) and that I wanted to utilize my buffet in the kitchen.


{Table Decor was from: Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Craft Shows, Trader Joes and DeVries & Co (Eastern Market)}


Oh, so yummy food! Chicken Salad Boats, Mini Quiches, Mini Pancakes, Heart Bacon and Turkey Bacon, Strawberry Brie Baguettes and Heart Potatoes.

A Big thanks to Andrea who helped me with the food prep!

Seven lovely ladies entered my home yesterday; as we sat round the table, I took a minute and realized how lucky I was. That I was able to host this brunch and that I had the honor of playing a part in each of their weddings, photographing, second shooting or standing up in it! I am so blessed that through my photography I have made such good friends!

I hope to have another brunch next year! Thanks for checking it out!

Much love, Miranda