Tommy and Christina :: ENGAGED!

Oct 22, 2018 | Engagement - Wedding

After a long wedding weekend I made the drive to Port Austin to meet up with Tommy and Christina at their cottage.  It ended up being a fun drive….I am really digging podcasts. I got there and JoJo was still doing Christina’s hair and makeup so it was nice to relax and chill for a bit.  Finally around 2pm we got ready and started shooting.  We went all around!! So many fun spots! Here are some of my favorites!!

Walking to the cliff for sunset was amazing.  We arrived at the perfect time……..


We ended the shoot after the sun went down back at the house for some cuddle fire time.  We ate dinner that had been cooking all afternoon, it was called Chicken Cacciatore with rice.  I have never had it before and trying to find Tommy’s exact recipe is impossible!!!!  I went back to seconds!

I can not wait for your May 2019 wedding!!!!! (Also this might be the time to tell people Wine and Cheese NINE will be in September of 2019)

Much love, Miranda