I love my clients. I love my clients, even more, when they love me right back….and Dani and Mike are those clients. My first time photographing them was in 2012 in Miami for their engagement session. They were living there and asked me to come down and photograph them. Since then I have photographed their wedding, AJ as a newborn, AJ’s birthdays and now their newest maternity. I am thrilled to see them welcome this baby! I went to their home last month and did a fun in-home maternity session for them. Even when it is cold here in Michigan we can still get some amazing photographs! Here are some of my favorite images from it:

AJ was making me laugh. He was grabbing onto my leg and I then dragged him all over the house. At one point he trapped me while Dani and I were talking and said I was stuck and had to stay there until he let me out. (It is OK. I am back home now. It was scary for a minute.) The last two years he has come to see me at Somerset at Santa’s workshop….he talks about it all the time. It is adorable.

Much love, Miranda

ENG :: WED :: NEWBORN :: 6MO :: 1 YEAR