Funny Story: Sometimes when I get messages or texts sometimes I do not actually read them. I like to do a quick skim of the message.

Well……one time my friend told me she was expecting and I completely missed it, even though looking back I obviously saw it because I responded to it. So when they showed up for family photos and she said I don’t want to focus on my bump…..I was like wait, what?! (Then I got really excited and started to cry. I love my friends.) YEAH. Miranda, do not skim messages anymore. READ THEM. Of course, I did what they asked and didn’t focus on the bump…..a few months later on in her pregnancy here we are photographing the BUMP! YAY! We met up in Lake Orion for the session. It was chilly so we made it quick!!! Here are some of my favorites.

Much love, Miranda

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